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It has been said and it will still continuously be in the books, one of football’s most interesting quality is that it gives fans the opportunity to argue and fiercely face one another about which team is better . It has been one of the most energizing things about football and perhaps, a very key factor for why football has arguably most fans in the world right now.

There are a lot of teams rivalry in football, usually caused by domination for who leads in a particular city or league. Football has seen a lot of these rivalries but the ones that have always stood firm and strong are:


Popularly known as El Clasico, Real Madrid and Barcelona have over the years set themselves up as the best in Spains’s La Liga Competition. They are also among the best and arguably the top two most successful teams in the world. 

 Also their meeting draws a lot of attention because both teams have always been filled with top rated players. The best of players in each generations of football play in these teams. Recently in the 21st century, football witnessed two of its greatest players ever, Cristiano Ronaldo of Real Madrid and Lionel Messi of Barcelona, and for a period of nine years, both of these players face one another in El Clasico matches. 

Hence it carries a lot of pressure and passion for both players and fans. In all matches(exhibition matches included), both teams have met 282 times, with Barcelona leading with 116 wins while Real Madrid has 104 wins and they have both shared draws 62 times. Competitively, they have met 249 times, with Real Madrid leading with 100 wins, Barcelona with 97 wins and they have both shared 52 draws.

LIVERPOOL VS MANCHESTER UNITEDLiverpool and Manchester United are by a considerable distance, the most successful clubs in the English Premier League(EPL). Manchester United has won the leagues 20 times while Liverpool has won the league 19 times. 

Hence clashes between them have always been heated as it usually presents both with an opportunity to show who the bigger fish is. Although, the heat has been turned down a little this recent times due to the domination of Liverpool, but the clash between both clubs have stood the test of time in aggression, quality, and the entertainment they’ve provided the fans.

 In the 209 times they have met, Manchester united has won 81 times, Liverpool with 70 wins, and they have both shared 58 draws.


The London derby between Chelsea and Arsenal is also one of the most heated rivalry in football. Practically, the existence of any two major clubs in a large city breeds intense rivalry, because it is in human nature to want to dominate, hence, threats are usually taken with very high emotions. 

Arsenal has won approximately 38% of their encounters versus Chelsea, while Chelsea has won approximately 32%. Around 30% of matches have ended in a tie. Arsenal and Chelsea are two of London’s most prestigious football clubs, and they have a fierce rivalry. Arsenal supporters chose Chelsea as their most loathed club in a 2009 poll, ahead of their traditional rivals Tottenham. Arsenal was voted the second most despised club by Chelsea supporters, behind Liverpool.

Chelsea and Arsenal have faced a total of 205 times, with Arsenal winning 80 of those encounters, Chelsea winning 66 and they’ve drawn 59 times.


The fight for the best team in South America is between this two. The feud is well-known. A match that began during World War One has evolved into one of football’s most dramatic contests, aided by the presence of the world’s best players and some extremely short fuse times.

Brazil and Argentina are two countries with a long history of heated matches. The 20th century was also graced with two legends, Pele, the Brazilian, and Maradona, the Argentine, They were both jointly named the athlete of the 20th century by FIFA, Football governing council. 

Officially, they have met a total of 51 times, Brazil winning 18 times, Argentina winning 20 times, and they have shared 13 draws. All these times have always carried a lot of emotions.


Manchester City plays in the City of Manchester Stadium in Manchester’s Sportcity neighborhood, whereas Manchester United plays at Old Trafford in Stretford. In total, the teams have met 172 times in all competitions, with United winning 71 times, City winning 50, and the remaining 51 being draws.

United also has a significant advantage in terms of trophies won, with 64 to City’s 18, including a record 20 English league crowns, 12 FA Cups, and 21 FA Community Shields.

Only three cup matches were played in the 34 years following City’s success in 1975, potentially symbolizing the club’s worst fall in its 130-year history. All three cup matches were in the FA Cup, and all three were won by United at Old Trafford. 

The only cup derby of the 1980s was a 1–0 United victory in the third round of the FA Cup in 1987. The next cup match was in 1996 at Old Trafford, and it was decided by a contentious penalty for United, which The Independent compared to “prosecuting someone for littering during a riot.” 

The following cup match occurred at Old Trafford in the FA Cup eight years later, with United winning 4–2 in a dramatic match that saw Gary Neville sent off for head-butting Steve McManaman.


There are lot of rivalries in football, and there will still be a lot of rivalry in football. It is part of football, and it will continue so, it is part of the sport, it is our pride. Football rivalries drive the players to their peak performances. 

I think it is worth to mention, that it is also beautiful to see players that were so much against one another during the heat of each 90 minutes match to hug and laugh together after the match is over. Rivalries make football much more fun!!!

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The greatest football team rivalry is a very deep topic in the football world that keeps the fans busy. Ranging from club to country teams, the rivalry is unending.

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